Why are Crittall Windows a great choice for my home?

At Panoramic, we are delighted to be a specialist in the installation of top-quality, elegant Crittall windows and doors.

But why do our customers love them so much?

1. Traditional, contemporary and timeless – add character to your home

The construction methods used in Crittall steel windows allows for minimum window sightlines – allowing the viewer to focus on the scene beyond the glass, rather than the window itself.

Steel is also a stunning material, it is elegant and works well in both traditional and modern settings of windows and doors.

2. Quality window guarantee

The Crittall window quality guarantee is paramount and never compromised. By installing Crittall windows into your home you can be sure you are benefitting from 160 years of excellence in the manufacturing of steel windows.

3. Window security and energy efficient

When you invest in a Crittall window, you invest in safety, security and energy savings. Steel is three times stronger than aluminium and vastly more robust than wood. This adds vital security, particularly where large panels of glazing are used.

4. Next to no maintenance needs

Thanks to their galvanised steel construction, Crittall Windows require virtually no maintenance – and no redecoration for 20 years or more. This represents excellent value for money.

5. Flexibility of design

You can use Crittall products as replacement windows and new windows as well as to replicate historic steel windows.

Architects choose them to provide contemporary aesthetics to new homes and property owners will use them to create stunning and panoramic views on a new extension. These steel windows and doors are strong and flexible enough to be used for a wide range of window needs and they create bold and beautiful statements whether it’s for window replacement in historic buildings or new installations.

6. Custom-made for you

Crittall Windows are available in all sizes and dimensions to suit your exact window glazing needs. The first step to securing your most beautiful, insulated, strong and secure new window is to contact the Panoramic Windows installation team.

When customers buy Crittall windows and doors from the expert team at Panoramic Windows, they can be assured of the perfect finish.

7. Durability

Every window is made from galvanised steel that lasts for over 50 years. Crittall uses hot-dip coating to galvanise the metal and a performance-boosting coating to maximise lifespan.

8. Legacy and expertise in window and door manufacturing

As already mentioned Crittall has been manufacturing windows and doors for over 160 years – using the same top quality, artisan techniques that have allowed them to remain a leader in the high-end and specialist glazing market.

Would you like to find out more about how Crittall Windows and Doors and enhance your home?

We install Crittall Steel Windows across Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas, and we have been doing so for over 40 years. What’s more, our high-quality approach has been recognised with the Kitemark License for window installation.

One of our expert team will visit your property to assess what’s needed, discuss the options and to gather the information needed to produce a customised quote for your needs.

Your windows and doors will be installed to the highest standards with full guarantees and a rapid, tidy and friendly service.

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