Extending Homes for 40+ Years

At Panoramic, we’ve been extending many homes’ horizons with our conservatories in Berkeley for over 40 years. With our modern builds, you can get a space that’s warm and usable every day. Also, you can make sure it’s perfect for your needs. We offer a wide range of conservatory styles in both traditional and modern options to suit your home.

When you choose conservatories from Panoramic, you’ll get them from a local installer in Berkeley. As a result, you can benefit from lower prices, shorter waiting times and more personalised service. And, above all, you’ll benefit from our commitment to quality. We work with leading manufacturers to ensure you get the best builds on the market today.

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Styles to Fit Every Property

With Panoramic, you can choose from a range of conservatories for your home in Berkeley. We offer plenty of styles, including traditional Victorian, modern Lean-to, and even bespoke designs. Whatever style you pick, though, will only have to be a starting point. When you work with Panoramic, you can personalise your whole build with customisable glazing, doors, roofing and more.

Not only that, we personalise our installation service around you. Our friendly team will help you at every step, including design and planning permission. As a result, you can get bespoke conservatories in Berkeley with us and for competitive prices that suit your budget as well.

Benefits of a Panoramic Conservatory

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Made Bespoke for Your Home

You’ll always get the chance to install bespoke conservatories with Panoramic. We put you in charge of the design, meaning you’ll be in total control of how your new conservatory looks and feels. We’ll help you out throughout the process, advising on the design and using CAD to show you how it’ll look digitally!

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Thermally Efficient

Our conservatories are thermally efficient designs for your Berkeley home, too. Unlike older builds, our designs use advanced double glazing and durable profiles to keep cold air out and warm air in. Also, our designs reflect heat in the summer, reducing glare and the greenhouse effect. Because of this, you’ll stay warm while spending less on energy bills!

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Designs to Fit Your Property

We make sure all of our designs can fit your Berkeley property brilliantly at Panoramic. Our range of styles is broad, ensuring you’ll find one that’s right for you. Not only that, you can customise the designs from there to get the right design at every angle. With our Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to, Gable and P-Shaped builds, you’ll get more choice for your home!

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Improvements for Existing Conservatories

You may already have a conservatory in Berkeley. However, if it's underperforming, you don't have to tear the old design down. Sometimes, a simple improvement to your space can make a big difference in how it looks and feels. Not only that, it costs less, takes less time to fit, and could still save you money in the long run. At Panoramic, we offer replacement conservatory roofs for your Berkeley home. Our roofs change the way your conservatory deals with heat and light. You can invest in a glass roof with double glazing panels rather than a single layer of glass for a start. Because of this, you'll get better insulation, reduced glare, and you'll minimise the greenhouse effect in your home. However, we also offer more durable options for conservatories in Berkeley. Our solid roofs blend seamlessly with the ceilings in your home, making your space feel more connected to the rest of your home. You'll also get better insulation than you would with a glass roof and better lighting control. You'll even improve your home's sound insulation! And, if you'd like a new roof in a more traditional design, why not consider our tiled roofs? Our tiled designs are lightweight while remaining durable, and they're fully weatherproof for your home. Because of this, the tiles won't fade, scratch or discolour, meaning they'll look fantastic in a range of colours and finishes for decades to come.


Finally, Panoramic can give conservatories in Berkeley a unique new centrepiece. You can invest in stunning skylights with us that transform the way your space feels. Your skylight will provide a stunning view of the sky above, letting natural light cascade into your home. However, it’ll be in the middle of a solid roof, meaning you’ll improve your home’s insulation too.

Our skylights are sleek, slimline designs. With no support beams, you’ll get unobstructed views and slim sightlines, and you’ll let more natural light into your home. However, your solid roof will make sure you don’t have to leave your conservatory when it gets dark. You can get roofs with in-built LED lighting to help you use the space all day!


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