Posted on: November 29, 2023

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Winter


At Panoramic Windows, we understand that the temperature drops sharply during winter. With energy prices and the cost of living rising sharply, it has never been more important to stay thermally efficient. 

 But you might be wondering how to save money and energy. There are some simple tricks that we can help you with. If you are on a budget, some of them are cost effective too. Here are 5 ways that you can keep your house warm during winter. So grab a hot chocolate and read on!

Make Sure Your Home Is Draught Proof 

Draughts are a common issue with households as they are bouts of cold air that enter your property. This could make your home uninhabitable as it works its way through the house, even coming through wooden floors. 

When you choose Panoramic Windows, feel assured that all our designs come with airtight and watertight weather seals. Designed to stop mould and draught spots, these additions will reduce condensation easily. When you draught proof your home, it is a great way of saving energy bills, reducing your carbon footprint and doing your bit for the environment. And, it ensures you have a warm and cosy home this Christmas. 

Soft and Cost Effective Lighting Adds a Relaxing Atmosphere 

If you are looking to cut costs but want to relax this winter, the inclusion of candles and soft lighting will bolster your home’s appearance. A candle is a symbol of calmness, adding natural light to a dark room. This results in a comforting experience, giving you complete reassurance. 

Alternatively, go for a dim lamp which can be controlled at the touch of a button. This is an easy way to create a calming and cosy atmosphere in your home.

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Add Rugs and Blinds 

If your home is getting exponentially colder, one way that you can warm your home up is through internal blinds and rugs. This gives you a comforting feeling this winter, as thick blinds help retain natural heat in your property. It is a great way of saving money on energy bills, as you’ll benefit from a naturally warm living room. Add a selection of dim lights and you will feel the impact of a toasty living space. 

If you have a heavy duty curtain, keep it open on sunny days to bring the light in, while when it is drawn, the warm air will be retained for longer. As well as being heatproof, the design is soundproof, so loud noises will be cut down to a whisper. 

Invest In Radiator Covers 

At Panioramic, we believe that our conservatories are a great way of enhancing your home’s living space. With large panels of double glazing, they have plenty of natural light in your home. The addition of a radiator can enhance the properties’ warmth even further. 

A well fitted radiator cover takes things further. These covers distribute heat out towards the living space, while the top part conserves heat and energy. It will also improve the radiators’ appearance, adding charm and style to your home for longer.

Upgrade to Double Glazing 

All of our products offer double glazing, which delivers a fantastic array of benefits to your home. If you are looking to make your home warmer, double glazing will ensure it stays thermally efficient so the central heating won’t have to do the work. This minimises condensation and mould growth, which is harmful to health. Double glazing is low maintenance, so the only thing you need to do is wipe it with a cloth and ensure it’s as good as new. 

We believe that double glazing is one of the most important elements in keeping your home warm. When the winter comes, the weather gets darker, so your double glazing gives you extra natural light. It saves on rising energy costs. As a result, your home will be brighter over time. 

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Upgrade Your Thermostat 

Another useful idea is to update your thermostat. Your thermostat controls the temperature in your home while communicating with your boiler. However, over time, the boiler starts to work less. Upgrading to a new one will prolong your home/s warmth for longer. Modern thermostats can even be controlled from your mobile phone app, leaving the temperature in the comfort of your fingertips. 

This gives you enhanced control of your temperature, so you can determine how hot or cold you want your home. It is an easy way of reducing your heating bills and your carbon footprint. 


We hope that this article has helped you understand how to make your home warm this winter. We have many years of experience installing double glazing products and helping our homeowners stay cosy. Panoramic are leading installers in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Our team arrives quickly at your home and delivers an unbeatable service over time.
If you would like more information, our team is on hand to help. Give us a call at 0117 9560 321 or fill our online contact form out. If you would like to get started on your double glazing project, our online quoting engine lets you create your design at the touch of a button. We will return with a suitable price. 

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