The beauty of Slimline double glazing windows in aluminium

Slimline aluminium windows are the ideal solution if you want to replace any old, framed windows in your home or office, combining strength and versatility to provide you with quality, beautiful windows that will last a lifetime.

Steel, aluminium, or uPVC

Many customers prefer the thinner look of steel-framed windows to the chunkier appearance common to so many uPVC windows, as they allow a greater amount of natural light into the room.

Slimline aluminium windows are the perfect replacement.

Not only are they specifically designed to resemble the traditional steel windows, they also boast many of the energy-saving properties of uPVC models. This is despite being up to 50% slimmer in their construction to uPVC, and all this without needing to compromise on strength and durability.

Pleasing to the eye

Slimline aluminium windows are designed to a simple aesthetic standard, with subtle lines and clean joints that provide a beautiful finish to any home or office.

They mirror the timeless look of traditional steel-framed windows and are finished with a high-quality polyester powder coat.

The slimline aluminium frames are available in a vast array of colours, including Farrow and Ball, as well as RAL, so there are plenty of options for you to achieve the look that best suits your property.

Durable and resistant aluminium

By using aluminium in its construction, the Slimline range of windows offers tremendous strength and durability, almost at odds with the thinness of the frames themselves. Better yet, as a naturally rust-resistant material, there is no need for constant and regular maintenance.

The polyester powder coat that all Slimline aluminium windows are coated with adds an extra level of protection from the elements, giving you a window that will look as good in 20 years as it does today.

Safe and secure windows

All Slimline aluminium windows come with multi-point locking as standard, meaning you can rest assured that your property is secure and safe from would-be intruders.

Energy efficient double glazing

Slimline aluminium windows benefit from double glazing and provide excellent returns in terms of energy efficiency on heating bills, easily comparable with standard uPVC windows.

Furthermore, because of its slender design and construction, a Slimline aluminium window lets in more natural light than its uPVC counterpart, making the most of the early evening light, and potentially leading to a reduction in household lighting bills.

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