The benefits of an aluminium Skyroom

Have you been thinking about investing in an orangery, conservatory or glass extension for your home? Then why not consider purchasing an aluminium Skyroom from Panoramic Windows?

We use nothing but the finest and most reliable materials for the structures that we create. Aluminium is the perfect material for a Skyroom, coming with a wide range of benefits.

Not only does it offer exceptional physical properties, but it’s also a very eco-friendly choice.

Let’s take a look at why aluminium is the premier choice for the Skyroom …

Aluminium allows a slim and contemporary design

The Aluminium Skyroom has the appearance of a genuine lantern within a solid roof, giving it the look of a traditionally built orangery. It has an internal ridge of 40mm, making it 110mm slimmer than any other similar product on the market.

The 70% slimmer ridge means less roof and more glass, giving it a sleek, slimline and contemporary design. There are no unsightly bolt-ons, supports or beams, keeping your Skyroom roof discreet and letting in maximum light.

Superior thermal performance with aluminium

The Skyroom’s roof is very thermally efficient, which means you’ll stay comfortable all year round. You’ll be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and there’s a reduced risk of condensation too.

With the aluminium Skyroom, you can expect lower heating and air conditioning bills than with a traditional standard conservatory.

Aluminium is a versatile and flexible option

Another great attribute of aluminium is that you can Aluminum Skyroom in Bristolbend it in various different shapes, which means your options are plentiful when it comes to design.

Aluminium provides outstanding strength

The aluminium Skyroom has been tested to withstand as much as 33% greater live loads than other roof manufacturers. This makes it the strongest roof available on the UK home conservatory market and ensures it’s better able to withstand harsh weather conditions such as strong wind or heavy snow.

An eco-friendly option

If you’re worried about negatively impacting the environment, an aluminium Skyroom could be the perfect choice for putting your mind at rest. Aluminium structures surpass wooden alternatives when it comes to eco-friendliness and are infinitely recyclable. Even if the wood used to create an alternative structure is from a managed forest, its credentials in terms of recyclability won’t be the same as aluminium’s.

Minimal maintenance is needed with aluminium

Aluminium only requires a modest amount of maintenance and is renowned for its durability and strength. It is also pleasingly lightweight. You won’t have to concern yourself with frameworks warping over time thanks to the strength of the material.

If you reside near the coast, you’ll be pleased to note that aluminium is capable of withstanding the tougher weather conditions associated with life by the sea, when coated with a Marine finish powder coat.

A bespoke Skyroom

More and more people are contacting and ordering from us when they wish to invest in an aluminium Skyroom. Customers state many reasons for doing this ranging from sleek, contemporary design to the superior thermal efficiency it provides.

Plus, with various colour and glazing options available, you can be sure that the structure is designed according to your tastes and needs, providing a first-class finish and long lasting construction whatever the final design.

An aluminium Skyroom really is one of the best and most attractive products of its kind on the market

Contact our friendly team at Panoramic Windows today or visit us at our Bristol Showroom to find out more about our aluminium Skyroom and how we can cater to your specific requirements.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise at hand and are always happy to offer advice and guidance to our valued customers.

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