The best way to create light and space in your home or office – the new Crittall InnerVision glazed walls

What would it be like to live in a world without walls? This isn’t a philosophical question: we’re not talking about free market economics, we’re talking literally here.

Crittall Windows have been doing just that with their latest product – Crittall InnerVision.

What is Crittall InnerVision?

With over a century and a half’s experience of designing and manufacturing steel doors and window frames, Crittall Windows have turned their attention from the outside to the inside, with a new range of glazed walls and room dividers that allow you to bring space and light to any home or office.

Minimalist, glazed walls and room dividers

InnerVision partitioning screens are constructed from steel to form a network of glazed panels that can be customised for any home or office, both in the size, shape and outlay of the dividers themselves, as well as the individual glazing panels used throughout.

Much slimmer than a standard interior wall, yet just as strong and durable with its steel framework and toughened glass panels.

Glazed walls flood your room with light and space

Replacing your interior walls and room dividers with Crittall Windows’ InnerVision glazed walls opens up any work or living space.

Increasing the physical floor area with the partitions’ slimline design is only the start. The glazed apertures allow for the maximum influx of natural light into your home or office, adding warmth and brightness to any surrounding.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, you can also find yourself paying less on energy bills for heat and lighting.

Sight and sound

The glazing walls can be ordered with extra acoustic properties, for when you want to be seen and not heard. This is the ideal solution for meeting or presentation rooms in a busy workplace, cushioning sound both outside and in, to minimise disturbance.

Designed for you

The genius of InnerVision lies in the simplicity of its design. The minimalism of its steel-framed room dividers means that they can be erected in whatever figuration suits your circumstances the best.

Your choices of clear, shaded, and coloured glazed panels, plain or decorated glazing, and single or double glazing, offer further flexibility for you, allowing you to create the ideal glazed walls, whatever your requirements.

Come and visit our Bristol Showroom and speak to our experts

For more information about how the new Crittall InnerVision glazed walls and room dividers can enhance your home or office visit our Bristol Showroom and talk to one of our friendly team of experts or call us on 0800 37 33 37.

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