Top Home Security Tips

What are the top home security tips? At Panoramic, we value nothing more than your home’s safety. After all, these days, it never feels like an intruder is far away. Because of this, it’s important to check how secure your home is. Some older windows, doors and back doors, for example, could be weakening.

As a result, they could be vulnerable to a break-in. These areas of your home, in particular, are important to your security. Your front door, windows and any back doors you have are all likely targets for burglars. Older designs often use timber frames, which can crack and twist over time. As the material isn’t weatherproof, water and wind can damage it and cause problems for the locks inside.

However, at Panoramic, you can take back control of home security. We offer a range of products that come packed with the latest security hardware. That means you’ll be able to invest in a durable front door, robust windows and innovative back doors that all work to keep you safe. When you lock our designs up, they stay locked.

Not only that, but our range can help your home in other ways, too. If your home gets cold in the winter, then our energy efficient uPVC and aluminium frames can give you superb insulation. Our windows and doors are weatherproof too, meaning they won’t crack, rust or weaken over time. With Panoramic’s durable designs, you can get home security that lasts for decades.

top home security tips

Improve Your Home Security with New Front Doors

Your front door is the most likely target for an intruder to get into your home through. Due to this, investing in a secure design is vital. Fortunately, Panoramic doesn’t cut corners when it comes to its doors. We have a wide range of options that are durable, robust and able to keep burglars well away from what matters to you.

For example, our composite front doors come from Endurance, one of the UK’s leading names in door design. They have a 48mm solid timber construction, making them impact-resistant even to the weight of a sledgehammer. Additionally, we offer aluminium front doors which have exceptional strength, but also stand out with a stunning metallic sheen.

Behind these frames, though, is clever hardware to give you even more protection. If you choose a door with glass panels, then you’ll get toughened double glazing with multi-point locking systems. That way, an intruder won’t be able to separate the glass from the frame. Not only that, but the locks and handles in your door will be robust and can resist tampering and picking attempts from burglars.

Also, your front door won’t let you down over the years. While old timber designs can lose their shape and their strength, our modern options can perform for decades, without regular maintenance. Discover our composite, uPVC, modern timber, Rationel and aluminium front doors today!

top home security ideas

Improve Your Home Security with New Windows

One of our best home security tips is to get windows that work to secure your home. If an intruder can’t get through your front door, then the windows are the next target. However, while most people want an expansive new window with a broad opening, it could inadvertently give an intruder more room to get in.

Because of this, Panoramic stocks unique new windows that have highly secure designs. You could choose tilt and turn windows, for instance, which always stay locked at the central bar. You can open the windows inwardly and outwardly without removing the lock. As a result, you can ventilate your home and get gorgeous views while preventing burglars from getting through.

However, with Panoramic, you won’t have to compromise on window design. Every window we offer features security hardware to keep you safe. For example, you can get windows with multi-point locking systems, shootbolts and mushroom bolts. With the option of both uPVC and aluminium frames, you can protect them from rust and wear.

That way, your windows will be able to stay secure for decades. They can also make daily life indoors a little safer. Our sliding sash windows, which open vertically for an elegant addition to any home, have finger-traps to stop you getting your hands caught in the opening.

panoramic home security tips

Improve Your Home Security with New Patio Doors

If you have a back entrance to your home, it could be vulnerable to intruders as well. Many will try and enter your home through your garden, and if you have an old back door which is wearing down, then it might not put up much of a fight. Because of this, one of Panoramic’s best home security tips is to get a back door which is as secure as the front door.

However, you don’t have to invest in a conventional design. Instead, you could transform your living space with bold, bright sliding patio doors. Patio doors use an in-line slider, meaning you can push them open and they’ll disappear into the corner of the room. That way, you can make your garden much easier to access.

The beauty of patio doors, though, is that it doesn’t work both ways. While you’ll get a beautiful gateway to the outside world, you’ll cut an intruder off from your home. Because they use an in-line slider, patio doors are anti-crowbar designs. That means nobody will be able to prise your new doors open from underneath them.

Additionally, the design features full panels of toughened double glazing with multi-point locking as standard. As a result, it’s almost impossible to break the glass, let alone separate it. We work with Sliders UK and Rationel to get leading quality doors for your home too. That way, you can get total peace of mind with the most secure designs on the market.

Improve Your Home Security with Panoramic

For the best home security, and tips from a friendly local company, get in touch with Panoramic! We stop at nothing to secure your home. Our windows, doors and back doors are all durable designs that can protect your home for decades. And, with our installation team, you’ll get a made-to-measure fit with every component tested to ensure total security.

If you’d like to invest in your home security, use our online quoting engine to pick the products you’d like and customise them to suit you! We’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote for whatever design you select in seconds.

Also, if you want to hear any more of our home security tips, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team! You can either fill in our online contact form or call us today on 01179 560 321.

We look forward to helping you at Panoramic!

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