uPVC or Timber Sash Windows? That is the question

Once you’ve made a decision to replace your old sash windows, the next question you have to ask yourself is whether to go for wooden or uPVC windows?

Traditionally it was a question that needed a lot of consideration – both materials had their positive and negative points, and you could find any number of people extolling the virtues of one type of window over another, and vice versa.

At Panoramic Windows we see this sort of argument as outdated and offering little to help. When you’re choosing the windows that best suit your home, why should you have to compromise, after all? As far as we’re concerned, there is no reason. The very best uPVC sash windows are easily a match for the very best timber sash windows and, at Panoramic, we only ever offer you the very best, no matter what your personal requirements.

Timber and wooden sash windows

  • The traditional look of wooden windows is, of course, aesthetically pleasing. With a number of woods to choose from – hardwood, oak, or timber – and a broad range of stains and paints to finish them with, timber sash windows allow you to customise the look of your windows to have them best complement the rest of your home.
  • Wooden windows are good for the environment, Panoramic timber sash windows are made from sustainable sources and are 100% recyclable and reusable.
  • Wooden sash windows allow for a range of glazing options, including acoustic glass and double glazing.
  • The construction of our wooden sash windows is such that individual elements of the windows can be replaced or repaired as needed, meaning you aren’t forced to replace the entire window in the event of damage.
  • Being able to raise the bottom sash and lower the top sash offers greater control of air and heat circulation, letting cold air in through the bottom, and hot air out of the top.
  • reated with appropriate care, timber sash windows can last for over a century of regular use.

uPVC Sash windows

  • By far the biggest advantage of uPVC sash windows is that they require little in the way of maintenance: a quick rub down with a damp cloth while you’re washing the panes is usually all you need, the window frames and sills being almost entirely weather proof.
  • UPVC isn’t just about white plastic these days, whilst uPVC sash windows used to only come in that uniform brilliant white, today you can opt for plenty of optional finishes to your new windows. These include woodgrain finishes that convincingly mimic the look of real timber and wood.
  • Being made of plastic, there is no chance of the windows rotting, which limits the possibility of them rattling in their frames.
  • uPVC sash windows are remarkably energy efficient, reflecting the heat back into the room while, at the same time, insulating the house and preventing heat from seeping out.

How to choose the right material for your new Sash windows – contact Panoramic Windows

As you can see, your choice of materials is really a matter of personal taste, with both wooden sash windows and uPVC offering their own unique advantages.

Whether you want the low maintenance of uPVC or the environmentally friendly timber for your windows, we can come up with a set of high-quality sash windows that are ideal for you and your home.

So give Panoramic Windows a call today on 0800 37 33 37, and speak to one of our friendly team who will walk you through all of your sash window options or come and visit us at our Bristol Showroom.

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