Composite Doors in Horfield

If your Horfield home requires a new front door, then a composite door will be perfect for you. At Panoramic, we offer plenty of new composite doors with a wide range of styles, so there is sure to be something out there for you. We believe that your personality matters, and we want to help you bring it out when renovating your home. Help your door stand out in Horfield!
















Composite Front Doors Horfield
Grey Composite Door Design Horfield

Composite Door Design

A composite door is a popular choice for your home because it is robust and sturdy. This will help it tackle the worst Horfield weather because the door doesn’t rust, warp or fade. You can be sure the door will last for a very long time because it is created with layers of uPVC, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), and a soft foam core. As a result, the door benefits from maximum protection, so you can enjoy it for much longer. Additionally, it is a great insulator of heat because the foam core helps it trap heat indoors, so your living space is comfortable.

We want you and your family to be as safe as possible at Panoramic. We instil plenty of security in our doors because we want your home to be safe to live in. All our composite doors include robust hinges and multi point locking systems, which bolster your security, making sure intruders won’t break in.

Our composite doors are also a useful addition because they are very imposing. Being the first thing a visitor sees, they create an immediate impact. This will immediately increase both your home’s kerb appeal and value.

Composite Door Styles


Classic Collection

We work with Endurance to supply our composite doors. We offer our classic collection, one of our most popular ranges with Horfield homeowners. Inspired by the Georgian and Victorian Era’s, choose a door with modern security benefits and looks stunning.



Urban Collection

Our Urban collection is ideal for both modern and traditional homes in Horfield. You can customise them in a whole host of ways by choosing accessories and handles. The possibilities are infinite when you design your dream door with Panoramic!


Country Collection

This collection is fantastic if you want to give your home an earthy look. As a great thermal insulator, this door can keep you very warm all year round. You can add a distinctive look to your home with an Irish Oak or Walnut colour, which will give your home a striking appearance.

Bespoke Composite Doors Horfield

Bespoke Composite Doors

We understand that not every homeowner in Horfield is the same because they have unique personalities. Thankfully, if you want to create your door from the ground up, then you’re in luck. Our bespoke range of composite doors gives you complete control. Put a stamp on your home. You can choose from a plethora of colours and finishes. You can either choose a colour that blends seamlessly with your home or if you’re feeling daring, choose a bright colour that will make it stand out. In addition, we also offer accessories such as letterboxes and knockers so you can bring out the best in your door. Not only that, but we offer a made to measure fit too, so you can feel confident that your door will easily slot into the right place.

Endurance Composite Doors

When choosing a new door, we understand you need something of the highest quality and will last you a very long time. But that’s not all, because you don’t even have to worry about using the central heating either. This is because your brand new Endurance door will bring natural light into your home. Stay warm for longer. It’s robust and weatherproof too, meaning you’ll be protected against the worst of the Horfield weather. Experience warmth and comfort with a composite door!

Why Choose Panoramic?

Here at Panoramic, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in installing doors. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, meaning that we treat every customer like family. Our doors are of the highest quality so you can experience a long lasting performance. We believe that your home should be a comfortable place to live in, and our doors will help you achieve that.

composite door cost calculator Horfield

Composite Door Prices Horfield

When you’ve decided on your dream composite door, reach out to Panoramic today. Use our online costing tool to create your dream door, and we’ll come back with a price that matches it.

If you have any more questions, you can call us on 01179 560 321 to speak to our friendly team.



























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