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At Panoramic, we install all kinds of doors in Horfield and its surrounding areas. This includes French doors, which bring a continental flair into your home. French doors are a very popular choice and have many advantages. This includes allowing natural light to penetrate your home while connecting seamlessly with your garden. In addition to this, they also bring maximum security into your home because they come with advanced double glazing, which is robust so intruders can’t break in. Feel confident that your French Door will protect your home while also helping it become more attractive to visitors and potential buyers.

The slim sightlines aren’t the only main attraction to a French door. But they are also much more cost-effective than a uPVC or a Bifold door. This means they will be much easier to fit and are also beneficial because they are great sound insulators. If you live in a busy neighbourhood or near lots of traffic, the double glazing will reduce these loud noises to a quiet hush. When you choose a French door, you can spend money on the things that matter.






uPVC French Doors Horfield
French Door Prices Horfield

French Door Styles

At Panoramic, we want you to have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a new French door. Thankfully, you will benefit from an abundance of different styles that will suit your home. The doors are very weatherproof because they can withstand the worst of the Horfield weather. It is also beneficial because it doesn’t rust, warp, or fade, ensuring that it’ll last for a very long time.


The doors themselves are made from uPVC, a very popular material. It is a durable plastic that is flexible and secure. This means that you don’t need to worry about any intruders breaking in, thanks to its advanced double glazing. This is fixed firmly in the door so tools such as crowbars will not be able to pry it open, and it is also robust enough, so it resists hard knocks.

The door is a very good thermal insulator, which means it can retain natural heat easily. This makes sure your home is very warm and comfortable, so you and your family can enjoy your living space much more. The strong thermal barrier is also ideal because it is very cost effective, meaning you can save money on those excessive heating bills. Stay warm without forking out extra cash.

Benefits of French Doors


Superior Quality

We believe that your French doors are of very high quality at Panoramic. They are durable, so they can withstand plenty of hard knocks. Furthermore, you can also choose a protective glass that improves its resilience against tough weather conditions. It will also increase the market value of your home because it blends seamlessly into your garden.


Highly Secure

One of the main concerns about homeowners in Horfield is how safe their home is. At Panoramic, we understand these concerns. That’s why our French doors are highly secure. Not only do the doors come with advanced double glazing as standard, but you can also add multi point locking systems and shootbolts to deter even the hardest criminals.


Thermally Efficient

Your French door is not only a great insulator of sound but also a strong heat insulator too. Your new door retains natural heat so you can reduce your carbon footprint. Not only that, but you don’t need to turn on your lights very often because double glazing brings natural light into your home easily. Similarly, it also works in the summer because cool air can be retained, while hot air from the sun is kept outside.

Bespoke French Doors Horfield

Bespoke French Doors

At Panoramic, we understand that every person is different. This is also true of our French doors. We want you to customise your dream door that matches your personality. You can benefit from accessories that make your living space much more accessible. The doors are also big, so they can suit frames that offer slim sightlines, leading to stunning views of your garden. Your door will look stunning, making your home much more attractive.

French Doors To Be Proud Of

We want to provide the best possible doors for your Horfield home. Not only do the doors bring natural light into your home, but they are also airtight and watertight. This means when it rains, water and cold air will not travel through. This will make your home much warmer and save you money on any hassle and repairs.

French Doors Prices Horfield

If you are looking at a new French door, contact Panoramic today. Our online quoting engine will help you design your ideal door, and we’ll come back with a suitable price.

Give us a ring on 01179 560 321 or use our online contact form if you have any further questions about our doors.

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