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Panoramic prides itself on offering our customers front doors from some of the best brands in the industry. Each door will bring with it a high performance to your property, increasing the security, thermal efficiency and weatherproofing. The customisable design means you can showcase your tastes and welcome visitors to your Chew Valley home in style. When you choose your new door, you’ll discover that by choosing Panoramic, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that are associated with state-of-the-art designs.

Our door can fit every type of property, upgrading the character of modern and traditional homes alike. We offer doors crafted with the finest uPVC, aluminium and composite materials. In doing so, we can ensure that your front door is of the highest quality.

Front Doors Chew Valley
Front Doors Chew Valley

Securing Your Property

Although looks are an important factor to consider with a new door, security must ultimately be the most important factor. We install doors that will provide the Chew Valley homeowner fitted with a 21st-century standard of security. These doors are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms that will protect your home from forced entry attempts.

The door profile itself provides strength for your Chew Valley home, giving you a high level of security across the frame. Profiles such as our Endurance Composite Door have been thoroughly tested to provide the best level of security for your home. This means you can sleep peacefully within your property knowing that your door will protect you and your family.

Front Door Styles

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Benefits of a Panoramic Front Door

Double Glazing

Weather Resistance

Often, many Chew Valley homeowners end up having to replace their front door as it no longer keeps the elements out. By choosing a Panoramic door, you’re choosing quality. Our profiles will retain their quality, even after prolonged exposure to the elements. Cold draughts and damp will be problems of the past.

Double Glazing

Additional Security

If you want to provide more security to your Chew Valley than just multi-point locking alone, then you can opt for more security customisations. The locks can be combined with optimal stainless steel reinforcements. Through this, your door is guaranteed to provide an inherently robust barrier to your property.

Double Glazing

Complementing Your Property

It’s important that a new front door not only sets the right impression to visitors but fits in with your own styles and tastes. Our design is available in a range of different bright and bold colours, so you can make your home stand out from the rest. Optional glazing for your door further adds to the character of your home.

Front Doors Chew Valley

Reducing Your Energy Bills

Panoramic’s range of front doors has been built with the comfort of your home in mind. We install thermally efficient designs which will keep your home warm in the cold winter months and cool in the summer. This means you can enjoy a comfortable temperature within your temperature throughout the year.

With a protective barrier between your home and the outside, you may find that you rely less on central heating to warm your property. This, in turn, will lead to lower energy bills and a reduction of your home’s carbon footprint.

It’s not just protection against the elements and the cold that our front doors can provide. You may even find that loud noises are kept outside. These doors have good soundproofing qualities, so when you shut your front door, the world stays outside. This means that the comfort of your humble abode will never be compromised.

Guaranteed Quality

We appreciate that our customers are at the heart of everything good at Panoramic and without you, we would struggle. Offering products from market-leading manufacturers isn’t enough. That’s why we accompany each of our front doors with a 10-year guarantee.

This guarantee allows the Chew Valley homeowner to trust our expertise and experience in upgrading your Somerset home. We take pride in every installation carried out and want you to be as proud of your new front door as we are.

Front Doors Chew Valley

Front Doors Prices Chew Valley

At Panoramic, we pride ourselves on providing the Chew Valley with the most reliable, customisable and efficient front doors. We work exclusively with market-leaders in the industry to fit doors of the highest quality.

If you want to set the right first impression to those visiting your Chew Valley home with a new front door, then start a free online quote today. Just enter a few details to receive a bespoke estimation.

If you’d like a quicker response, you can call us on 01179 560 321. Our team is ready to help and can answer any questions you might have. Design your home improvement project today to add style and value to your Chew Valley property.

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