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Secondary glazing is a new window for those who’d like to keep the old ones in their Chew Magna home. If you have older windows, especially wooden ones, then they can crack and fade over time. Because of this, they could eventually fail, and you could need to fork out for a replacement. However, you might not want to lose your home’s style.

Instead of replacing your windows, though, secondary glazing helps you protect them. It’s an additional window that goes over your old one, preserving the window from wind and rain. Not only that, but the addition of secondary glazing acts as durable double glazing, giving you better insulation and helping you save money on energy bills too!


Secondary Glazed Windows Chew Magna
What is Secondary Glazing Chew Magna

What is Secondary Glazing?

So, how does secondary glazing work? It’s a new layer of glazing that goes over your old windows, matched against their shape. Because of this, it can turn a single-glazed window into a modern, double glazing design. Not only that, but there’s more space in between the panes, meaning cold air has further to travel to affect your home.

When the weather turns on you, the new layer of glass acts as a thermal barrier for your home but also works with the window you already have. That way, you get even more protection against the cold than double glazing can provide.

You won’t have to install new windows in your home, either. That can be risky, and take a lot of time, while you’ll also be losing the windows you already have. Secondary glazing, then, is a smoother installation that’s safer and doesn’t take as long. Additionally, replacing your windows could be more costly than adding secondary glazing, so why pay more to lose your home’s style?

And, thanks to the energy efficiency of secondary glazing, you could save money as well. The units are durable, secure and have superb insulation, meaning you can stay warm without relying on your central heating. Because of this, you can save on your energy bills.

Key Features of Secondary Glazing

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High Security

Your old windows get more vulnerable the older they get. Because of this, you could be losing the thing that you value most – your home’s security. That’s why secondary glazing units are not only durable and robust but are full of the latest security features. They could be the difference between a burglar getting in.

Your secondary glazing will feature multi-point locking systems, protecting your Chew Magna home from forced entry attempts. Intruders won’t be able to separate the glass from the frame whatsoever. Additionally, the frames will be able to protect other parts of the window from rust and wear, so you can always rely on them to keep you safe.

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Thermally Efficient

Secondary glazing acts as a better version of double glazing. That’s because, with a larger gap in between the panes of glass, you’ll get better thermal efficiency. The gap will give cold air more work to do to cause issues in your living space. Because of this, it’s effect is weakened, and you can stay in control of your home’s climate.

Additionally, secondary glazing can stop you from losing your home’s natural heat. Older windows could lose up to 10% of the energy inside your home, meaning a new window can make a massive difference. You could end up saving money on your energy bills every day and paying the cost of your investment back.

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Charming Style

Imagine being able to keep the authentic style of your old windows forever. Well, that’s what secondary glazing was built to do. You’ll be able to match the design to your existing window, meaning you can give your old windows a new lease of life that prolongs their lifespans for decades.

Our designs are made-to-measure units as well, meaning you’ll get the ideal fit and leave no gaps for wind and rain to damage your old windows. At Panoramic, we’ve been providing secondary glazing to homes in Chew Magna for 40 years. As a result, we’ve got the experience to make your old windows last even longer.

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Bespoke Designs

Secondary glazing is all about keeping what's unique about your Chew Magna home. So, at Panoramic, we make sure all the units we provide to homes in the area are entirely bespoke. Because of this, you can create a fully customised design that suits your old windows perfectly. And, if you want to try something new, you can go for an entirely different design as well! The choice is entirely up to you, and we put all the design options at your fingertips to keep you in complete control.

Long Lasting Home Improvements

Our secondary glazing can perform for decades in your Chew Magna home. You’ll be able to rely on your new window to protect your old one for years to come. The profiles are highly durable, the glass has exceptional strength, and the whole design is weatherproof as well.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about rust, wear or even colours fading over time. As a result, you’ll be able to keep the best of your old windows with a new window that makes your home’s performance better.

Secondary Glazing Prices Chew Magna

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