Secondary Glazing in Horfield

When you choose secondary glazing for your home, it is a cheaper and more cost effective alternative to double and triple glazing. Secondary glazing is a separate pane of glass that fits an existing window. It provides many benefits that will enhance your living space. It is better than single glazing because you’ll experience plenty of security thanks to its thicker and robust look. It will also keep heat trapped inside, so you will stay warmer for longer.


In addition, when you install secondary glazing in your Horfield home, you won’t have to worry about losing your window’s original style because it offers a sleek and elegant performance. It allows for a stylish upgrade that will increase your home’s market value. Not only that, but the window is also very easy to install because you don’t need to remove any existing panes. That way, your home remains more comfortable and secure. It can suit any type of home, so we have something for you, no matter if it is a period property or modern build.

Secondary Glazed Windows Horfield
What is Secondary Glazing Horfield

What is Secondary Glazing?

If you want to enhance your home but don’t want to fork out on double or triple glazing, then secondary glazing is the ideal solution. Secondary glazing is a second glass panel fitted on an existing panel, which boosts your home’s natural light. It is very cost-effective because your heating bills will be reduced long term. 


It is very popular in both heritage and listed buildings because double glazing may restrict these properties. Secondary glazing doesn’t have these restrictions and allows you to retain the beauty and charm of your Horfield home.

Key Features of Secondary Glazing

Double Glazing

High Security

Secondary glazing brings an extra layer of protection to your home. This is because the added thickness will be a nightmare for intruders, making sure your home is more secure against any potential break-ins. This is an ideal way to improve your home’s security in areas where double glazing is not possible. It’ll also be able to handle any type of condition that the Horfield weather throws at your home.

Double Glazing

Thermally Efficient

Secondary glazing doesn’t just work wonders against intruders. But it also keeps your home warmer. The extra panel of glazing helps retain natural heat in your home while cold air is trapped outside. One major issue with listed buildings is that they suffer from poor insulation and heat, especially if they cannot have double glazing. An extra panel will help solve this problem by bringing added thermal insulation. A fully-sealed panel creates an air tight gap in your home, so cold air won’t be able to enter your home.

This will not just benefit you though, but it’s better for the environment because you don’t have to turn the lights on or even use the central heating. This is because your window will emanate natural light into your property, allowing for a brighter and more positive living space. It will also eliminate condensation because the added glazing stops moisture from getting through.

Double Glazing

Charming Style

There are many customizable options for secondary glazing because the glass comes in a range of patterns. If you desire, you can choose a stained glass pattern or something that brings your home more privacy. Whatever design you choose, you don’t have to worry about losing your home’s character and aesthetics.

Secondary Glazing Quotes Horfield

Bespoke Designs

All our windows have bespoke designs that you can be proud of. At Panoramic, we have designs crafted to meet our high standards. You can go for patterned glass, which is tough against intruders and looks fantastic. Not only that, but our selection of RAL colour frames comes in loads of personalised colours for you to consider. Get the best out of your home with a range of classic designs.

Long Lasting Home Improvements

When you choose Secondary Glazing for your Horfield home, you will benefit from a tough window. It is very cost-effective and energy efficient, which means you’ll save money on the things that matter. You will also get something that helps save the environment because you don’t need to rely on your central heating, reducing your carbon footprint. For a competitively priced solution, get in touch with us today.

Secondary Glazing Prices Horfield

When you have decided on suitable secondary glazing, contact Panoramic today. Fill out our costing tool to design your ideal window. We’ll get back to you with a personalised quote.


You can even call us on 01179 560 321 to speak to our friendly team. We will answer any questions that you might have.

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