Choosing Secondary Glazing for Your Home

Secondary glazing is often the only choice available for homes built in designated conservation areas. Other examples of homes that require secondary glazing include flats in high rise building and grade one and two listed buildings.

If your home in Stoke Bishop fulfils any of the above criteria, you’ll be keen to find out more about secondary glazing. How easy is it to fit? How much does it cost and does it perform as well as a product that uses double glazing?

Panoramic Windows will install secondary glazing in your home that blends in. The panels and sections will align to avoid any misalignment. Visitors to your home won’t notice the difference either, so you can buy with peace of mind.

In terms of performance, you needn’t worry. Secondary glazing, once fitted, will make your property in Stoke Bishop warmer and block out unwanted noise. You’ll even notice a reduction in your energy bills. Contact us for advice.

Secondary Glazing Cost Stoke Bishop
Secondary Glazing Cost Stoke Bishop

How Does Secondary Glazing Work?

Secondary glazing is extremely versatile. It can be overlaid onto any existing door or window in your Stoke Bishop home. It is a single layer of glazing and is fitted using a compression method that fits the product into an extruded aluminium framing section.

This glazing system still works like a normal product. Once installed onto a window, for example, the panes can still be vertically or horizontally operated. This means that you’ll still be able to ventilate your home and avoid issues like condensation or damp.

Other valid glass options are available for your home, which we would be glad to discuss. For example, we can fit lift-out units that can be removed when you need to ventilate your home – or ones that are permanently fixed into your main doors or windows.

Three Reasons to Choose Secondary Glazing

Double Glazing

Less Noise

If your home in Stoke Bishop is single glazed, outside noise won’t be properly filtered. This is most especially a problem for homes located in built up areas. Fortunately, our products will reduce noise disturbance in your property and make it a more relaxing place to be.

Double Glazing


Single glazing is less efficient and blocking out cold draughts and other weather elements. Our secondary glazing will make your property warmer. This will also have a positive effect on your energy bills, which will noticeably reduce once Panoramic Windows has completed work at your home.

Double Glazing


By adding another layer of glazing to your windows, you’ll be making it harder for intruders to access your home in Stoke Bishop. Protect your family and possessions from most attempts to gain entry to your home by asking our team to install secondary glazing in your property.

Secondary Glazing

Our Extensive Product Range

Whatever your requirements are, we’ll have a solution that fits. In almost cases, we’ll be able to find the most cost-effective route to install secondary glazing in your home in Stoke Bishop. Depending on your preferences, we can fit the following styles: units that are permanently fixed or which can be lifted out, balanced vertical sliders, which can include a tilt-in option, horizontally arranged installations or hinged units. In terms of customising your installation, we can introduce you to our expansive palette of RAL colours and glazing options that include laminated and patterned.

The Appearance of Secondary Glazing

The customers we talk to in Stoke Bishop are often concerned that secondary glazing will stand out and draw the attention of visitors that come to their home.

In fact, once we have installed your product, it will blend in and be barely noticeable. You’ll be surprised at how discrete the designs we offer are.

You’ll also be reassured by the strong aluminium products that we use, which are each powder coated to achieve the best possible finish.

Secondary Glazing Prices, Stoke Bishop

Discover the benefits of installing secondary glazing in your home by contacting Panoramic Windows today. Make an appointment for a member of our team to visit you and discuss your requirements in more detail.

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